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Givin’ It Up
A film about adolescent
sexual predators
The story is never simple…
A film by
WR Stanton

“Givin’ It Up” is a story about kids preying on kids. Ordinary kids  whose  not ordinary experiences have launched them into a dark  world. It’s about the abuse of children by juveniles, many of  whom were abused themselves when younger. Victims to  victimizers, prey to predators, “Givin’ It Up” explores the world  of juvenile sex offenders: who they are, what they’ve done and  what can be done to break the cycle of abuse.


This film puts a human face on sex abuse. I’ve never seen anything like  it before”  

                                     David Fair: Dept. of Human Services/ City of Philadelphia

“Best thing I’ve ever seen for teaching about this subject”

                                     Gerard Webste:  Forensic Psychologist; MacQuarie Univ (Sydney, AUS)


“A must-see film for people who want to take a real-life look at this important issue.”

                                      Maria Testa: NY Independent Film & Video Festival Coordinator

2005 New York Independent Film & Video Festival

                                                           Best Documentary (Finalist)

         2006 Black Maria Film Festival

                                                           Director’s Citation

Some of them see themselves  in such a terrible light that  they're prone to committing  suicide...or to self  mutilation.  I've had kids in  my court who absolutely  dissolve into tears and wish  out loud they were either  dead or different." 

Arthur Grim: President Judge  (Ret), Berks County (PA) Court of Common Pleas

Opening the door 
on child sex abuse
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