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Life As You Know It is a reality check for the romance of “sex,  drugs and rock ‘n roll”: For example, many of the musicians who  performed at the legendary Woodstock concert in 1969 are dead,  the victims of drug and alcohol abuse. The constant pressure of  performance, the chimera of fame and the grind of constantly  being on the road brings more than a few entertainers and their  roadies down. Since the mid 20th century popular music has been a  launch pad for a sub-culture that lionizes its performer idols along  with the excesses of the people behind the mask. Getting high has  long since become the pro forma way to attend big music events,  so to people with serious addiction issues a “drug-free” rock  concert was bound to be a hopeless downer. Until it wasn’t.We  went inside the workings of just such a concert put on by a drug  and alcohol addiction program. We interviewed organizers,  performers and roadies, all recovering addicts, to tell the story.

“Recovery is on-going. You can’t just do four weeks in treatment and go ‘well I’m better’. The disease of alcoholism and addiction is lifelong. It doesn’t just go away in a month…”

                                        Gary Melton

                                        Stage Manager       

“Anybody in a recovery program has probably hit a bottom to get there… and life can be very painful, very lonely and very disappointing.”

Eddie Money


                                 ”We come into a                                    program bankrupt                                    in all the areas of                                    mental, physical                                    and spiritual                                    health.

So the process of recovery is the reverse of that… it’s a totally different life.”

                                Mark Seamen                                  Percussionist

Life As You Know It
Recovery from Addiction
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