In the US buildings consume an estimated 39%* of our

energy and generate 30%* of our landfill waste. So

finding smart, efficient ways to build, equip and

maintain commercial spaces and better ways to

dispose of and recycle waste has become vital.  

Green Initiatives

In commercial building, the US Green Building Council has developed the LEED evaluation system for new and existing structures. High LEED ratings have become emblematic for designers and builders conscious of the environmental impact of their work.

“In the past, energy costs were marginal for most businesses; in the future, companies that have the edge in energy-efficient buildings are going to have the edge in the global marketplace”

              Dan Desmond- Dept. of Energy & Technology:                                       State of Pennsylvania

“Fifteen years ago everything went to the landfill. Now we can keep 90% of everything out of the landfill. It’s just a matter of knowing who gets what pieces and where they can go. Recycling has become an invisible and every day activity.”

Daniel Harazim: Architect:
S/L/A/M, Glastonbury, CT
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Jim Petsche: Director of Facilities:
NIKE, Beaverton, OR
“On the earth there is no “away”, it has to go somewhere.
So we’re always looking for new ways to recycle and reuse 
All of our products, especially in the building industry.”